Inmate allegedly uses makeshift weapon to inflict wounds on prison officer

Her Majesty’s Prison 1735
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

An inmate at Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) reportedly stabbed a prison officer about seven times during an unprovoked attack early Monday morning.

Acting Superintendent of Prisons, Jermaine Anthony confirmed the incident and disclosed further details to Observer.

He said that “a prison officer who was assaulted by an inmate, and the officer received multiple stab wounds to his back and arms with a make-shift weapon.”

“Inmates can use just about anything and fashion them into makeshift weapons; toothbrushes, for example,” he shared.

The victim of the stabbing incident, however, was not severely injured.

“I can say that his injuries are not life threatening in any way and he has already been treated at Mount St John’s [Medical Centre] and discharged,” said the acting prison boss.

Nevertheless, the officer will be on leave from work for a few weeks.

Anthony further indicated that the inmate is mentally ill and “may very well have been having an episode”.

“From all accounts, this assault on the officer was entirely unprovoked. What I can tell you as well is that the inmate who as been identified as the assailant, does suffer from mental challenges,” he remarked.

He also expressed concern, reiterating that “Her Majesty’s Prison does not have the resources nor the suitably qualified personnel who manage and treat the mental healthcare needs of individuals, such as the one who would have assaulted the officer”.

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