Injury continues to haunt top thoroughbred ahead of Triple Crown’s second leg

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One of the country’s top thoroughbreds, The Chosen One, will miss the second leg of the Antigua Triple Crown Series slated for later this month at the Cassada Gardens Race Track.
This, after the horse missed last Sunday’s opening leg of the series, the Black Pineapple Stakes, due to an injury.
Trainer with the Chief Rocker Stables from which the thoroughbred runs, Neil Cochrane, said the move is simply a precautionary measure.   
“He actually starts his programme from tomorrow which is only about 18 days or three weeks out and so he is not going to run. I am not going to expose him to anything that damages him and so I am very confident in the First Lady. He [Chosen One] may come in for the final leg of the Triple Crown,” he said.
The second leg of the Triple Crown Series, the Sir Cuthwin Lake Super Sprint, is carded for May 21.
A number of new entries, Cochrane said, are due to register for the second leg in a bid to stop the First Lady’s attempt at winning the coveted Triple Crown prize.
“We understand that the field is very competitive and that Scrumpum is definitely no walkover. U Better Believe It is the same and also Little Miss Perfect. We are also going to have two new horses, probably, and one of them is Sexy Kuba who won on Sunday and the return of the Hulk. He has not run in over a year after he slipped and fell sometime last year but he is fast,” the turf club’s boss said.
The third and final leg of the Triple Crown Series will be contested in June.

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