Industry experts say economic diversification is key

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While leaders around the world work to strategise ways to deal with the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, an aviation industry official believes it’s time for local leaders to think outside the box.

President of Brakkam Aviation Management Miguel Southwell said regional territories like Antigua and Barbuda that are heavily dependent on tourism should now look at other ways to diversify the economy.

Southwell said this is one of the biggest conversations that should emerge from the crisis.
He further stated that there are several unused properties in the country that could be used to create a niche in the aviation industry.

Brakkam Aviation Management is a global air transportation management consulting firm that has conducted business in Antigua and other parts of the world.

Former Antigua and Barbuda Director of Tourism for the US market Derede Samuel Whitlock also commented on the issue suggesting that the twin state will have to begin to look at how it can offer more value for money as it re-enters the market.

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