Independent senator named

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Women’s rights and sporting advocate, Bakesha Francis-James, has been appointed as the independent senator in the Upper House.
Francis-James, who works in the gaming sector, was chosen by Governor General Sir Rodney Williams, and she replaces former civil servant, Hendren Parker. She received her instruments of appointment yesterday during a ceremony at Government House.
Francis-James told OBSERVER media yesterday that she was elated and humbled by her new role.
The member of the female activist group, Women Against Rape or (WAR) said that she will use her new post in the Upper House as an advocate for women and the youth.
“We have a lot of issues surrounding abuse and these are some of the issues I would want to tackle especially with women and girls. I am also the president of the Pigotts Sports Club, I have a lot of young athletes ages 6-15. I have been working with them to develop their overall character,” Francis-James said.
Francis-James was among 15 senators who received their instruments of appointment yesterday.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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