Increased police presence in the City; business owners advised to be in guard

Previous countdowns have attracted as many as 8,000 people
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There will be increased police presence in the city of St John’s as the holiday season continues.

Deputy Police Commissioner Everton Jeffers made the commitment on Monday morning.

He says there will be a lot more officers in the city both in and out of uniform.

Jeffers, however is advising business owners to be careful of whom they let enter their businesses.

“…Making sure they’re not exposing large sums of money, keeping large sums of money in their cash register because that is sometimes the reason why some people will come in, observe then go away and come back,” he explained.

Jeffers is also appealing to businesses to respect the Covid 19 protocols.

“We understand that they want to make money but also they need to remember that observing the protocols will help to save lives and so what they need to do is get people in as quickly as they possibly can,” he said.

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