Increased number of men with prostate cancer on island

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One of the nation’s leading authorities on men’s health, urologist Dr Dwayne “Baba” Thwaites, OM, revealed that there is an increasing number of men presenting with prostate cancer locally in 2019.

“More so this year than anything, we’re seeing low PSAs [Prostate-specific antigen] with abnormal rectal exams. And these guys have prostate cancer,” explained Dr. Thwaites.

The urologist was quick to point out, however, that there was also a record turnout of men, aged 40 and over, to this year’s annual prostate screening. In August, 976 men were screened for prostate and other health checks provided by the Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) and other medical partners.

When asked about the probable causes for the noted increased, the doctor said, “The environment seems to be a big, big deal in the whole issue.”

Research has shown that black men have the highest incidence of prostate cancer worldwide and are more likely to develop disease earlier in life when compared to other racial and ethnic groups.

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