In Excess Of $1 Million Budgeted For YASCO’s Completion

The area allocated for the seating using material salvaged from the to-be dismantled West Indies Oil Company (WIOC) double decker stand. (Photo by Neto Baptiste)
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By Neto Baptiste

A total of $1,411,862 (one million, four hundred and 11 thousand, eight hundred and sixty-two dollars) has been budgeted for the completion of the country’s lone track & field facility, the YASCO Sports Complex.

This figure was presented by sports minister, Daryll Mathew, who said work is slated to start on the construction of a warm-up track as early as next month.

“There is a committee there in place as well, comprising of persons from the ministry, the NOC and the athletics association. The start of the second phase of that project would be the start of the warm up track which is due to start, I think, the second week in February while the seating is contingent on the double-decker coming down,” he said.

An estimated $90,000 has been budgeted for the completion of the controversial bathroom structure located at the south-eastern end of the facility. (Photo by Neto Baptiste)

The document also revealed that some $90,000 has been allotted for the completion of the controversial bathroom structure located on the western end of the facility. The unfinished structure on which in excess of $400,000 had already been spent prior to 2014, remained untouched since then.

Matthew said a recent assessment of the structure indicated it could be salvaged.

“It was examined to make sure it is structurally sound and there are a lot of elements in it that can be retained and so it is a matter of finishing it, finishing the building and the structure. We started, as we had promised, to adorn the walls with photos of our past athletes. There are two there at the moment, there is one more to go up shortly and the process will continue as we seek to recognise and honour our athletes,” he said.

In early 2021, technicians from international track builders Mondo, completed laying a new surface at the YASCO Sports Complex with the surface certified in July by the sport’s international governing body, World Athletics.

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