Imposters allegedly tried to kidnap cop’s mom

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Two men allegedly impersonated police this morning and attempted to kidnap the mother of a member of the police force.
Her son is one of three officers who has a sexual harassment complaint before the Police Service Commission, against suspended top cop Wendel Robinson.
The 44 your old woman was reportedly alone some time after 10 o’clock this morning when two men, dressed in blue coveralls with the word POLICE marked on the back, showed up at her workplace in Fitches Creek in a black vehicle.
OBSERVER media reached out to the victim’s son early this afternoon after efforts to reach his mother failed since she was with the police at the time giving an official statement.
He confirms that his mom reported that the men called out to her and when she went to greet them, they told her that her son had been involved in a serious accident. They also said that it appears he would not survive.
According to the son, the men told his mom that she had to go with them right away. And they suggested leaving in the vehicle which they had parked some distance away from the entrance of the property.
However, she told them she could not leave immediately because her boss was not there. The men reportedly stood outside the property for about 20 seconds and then left.
The woman immediately called her son’s phone out of concern and when she got through to him, she learned the whole story was a lie. The woman made a report to the Parham Police Station today, indicating that one of the imposters identified himself as “Corporal David” of the SSU.
However, there is no officer with that name in the unit and the description of the person does not match any other officer with the name David. The woman’s son tells OBSERVER media he is very concerned about his mother’s safety.

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