Imported snail bait too risky for farm usage

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Agriculture officials have explained why farmers received none of the two thousand pounds of snail bait that it imported recently.
Cabinet notes from the Government spokesman, Lionel Max Hurst indicate that the Chief Plant Protection Officer, Dr. Janil Gore Francis was among those appearing before the Ministers yesterday.
Dr. Gore Francis has reportedly told the Cabinet that the Unit was unwilling to provide bait to farmers because of the risks it poses to humans and animals.
The ministers also heard that the bait must be put out with care, since it can cause harm when it enters waterways that lead to dams and reservoirs.
Meantime Hurst says an incinerator has been ordered and snails that are collected with be burnt. He also says that eighteen new workers have been hired for the national sail eradication programme.
According to Hurst, science students from the Antigua State College will be asked to design additional snail eradication methods, that are based on research and trial in other places.

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