Impasse between Rubis and gas station operator continues

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It would appear that mediation has failed to resolve the impasse between oil giant Rubis and gas station operator Bernard Percival.
To this end, the Master of the Court Fidela-Corbin Lincoln, has sent the matter to the High Court.
That’s according to Percival’s lawyer, Hugh Marshall, Jr.
 “Unfortunately in this matter, the settlement proposal by Rubis to the Percivals was such that if accepted would mean the demise of their business. Therefore, they were not able to accept it,” Marshall explained yesterday.
He further stated that the matter should be heard in the High Court within the second quarter of next year.
Since December 2016, an injunction has stopped Rubis from evicting Percival from the Fort Road gas station which his family has run for almost 50 years.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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