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Immigration Chief hands in resignation

The Chief Immigration Officer Annette Mark has tendered her resignation…but the government is asking her to continue in the post.
The Immigration Minister Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez has confirmed this for OBSERVER Media, a day after we heard that she has called it quits.
Fernandez says she handed in her resignation letter on July 10th.

Mark became the chief Immigration Officer on June 1st 2015…initially on a six-month contract.
Her current agreement expires in November and Fernadez says that if she doesn’t change her mind about leaving, the resignation would take effect on October 15th.
Mark is on vacation. She is expected to tell the government sometime next week if she will stay on as Chief Immigration Officer.

Since the start of the year there has been talk that Mark had resigned or planned to do so…
And there has also been rumours that the government did not intend to renew Mark’s contract in November.
The Immigration Minister says that nothing could be further from the truth.

Annette Mark was contacted before we did the interview with Fernandez but she had said she did not wish to comment at that time.



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