‘I would never kill my friend,’ murder accused says in his defence

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By Latrishka Thomas

Prince Charming Graham, who is accused of murdering Jalon “Shantii Town” Thompson in 2017, gave sworn evidence yesterday in the High Court stating that he did not kill or have any intention of killing the deceased because he was a friend whom he never had any antagonism towards.

In his account of the incident, Graham said that he was going back and forth between his Deejay (DJ) booth and the balcony of the Jam Dung Night Club on the morning of July 6th 2017.

He said this was because he was having a friendly conversation with 26-year-old Thompson, Thompson’s brother and the brother’s girlfriend, in relation to the deceased’s performance in a carnival event the night prior.

The 30-year-old DJ said that on one occasion, when he went outside, a girl whom he described as wearing a boxer and a vest also joined them, sat down and kicked him.

According to him, he stared at her for about a minute waiting for her to apologise, but she never did, so he cautioned her.

He said that that was when she jumped into his face and he resorted to pushing her back into her seat by her face.

He then went back to his station where he engaged in conversation with one of the dancers.

Shortly after, while on the way to the bathroom, Graham said was cut off on the staircase by Thompson, who asked him why did he hit his girlfriend.

He said he tried to explain what happened but it quickly turned into a scuffle with both of them tumbling down the stairs.

He also said that Thompson was initially on top of him but he was able to gain an advantage and upon getting on top of Thompson he noticed his arm was bleeding so he pushed Thompson’s hand off of his shirt and ran away.

Graham, however, stated that he did not see Thompson with a weapon so he was not sure how either of them got hurt.

The father of 15 also testified that his “rights were violated” by the police when he was taken into custody later that morning.

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