I would have gone further, says former tennis star

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By Carlena Knight

Former national tennis star Jerry Williams believes that if he was given the opportunity to play now that he would have excelled even further in the sport.

Williams, who now coaches tennis locally, was a part of the first team to compete at the Davis Cup. He also played on several international tours but despite his skill never went pro.

“I would because now we have a lot more sponsorship especially most of the home owners where I am working at Jumby Bay; they all keep saying the same thing that if they had met me earlier when I was maybe 16, 17, it could have been different.”

He says the game itself has not changed that much but the support and benefits surrounding the sport now are much greater than back in his day.

“It hasn’t changed really much. It’s just more technology, more improvements. Wherein we had to walk or like back in the day we use to have the Anchorage Hotel where we used to go and practice, we had to wait until tourists finished to play but today we have a whole National Tennis Centre, we have buses, we have everything.

“The kids are a little bit more privileged in terms of playing tennis and doing the work, but we just need the support of the government,” he said.

Williams says however that he has no regrets about his journey on the court.

“I have no regrets because what I learnt, I’m right now passing it on to the younger generation and someday we will have somebody else to represent us, along with Jody [Maginley].”

Williams was a guest on the Good Morning Jojo Sports show last Thursday.

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