‘I Have No Intentions Of Giving It Up’—Soleyn Says Regarding Sports

Soleyn earned her license late last month
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By Carlena Knight

National female sprinter Bliss Soleyn is still adamant that despite her taxing aviation career, she has no intention of hanging up her spikes permanently.

Late last month, the former Christ the King High School (CKHS) student obtained her private pilot licence in Florida. She said she has still been training despite the majority of her focus being on acquiring her licence.

“I am actively working on both; as of right now, one is taking more precedence than the other but that doesn’t mean that I am not actively training,” Soleyn said.

Soleyn (center) competed for Ohio State during her tenure at the school

The 23-year-old last competed in 2019 when she featured at the NCAA Division 1 East Regional championships, clocking 11.87 seconds in the 100 meters for Ohio State University.

She admits that it has been a challenge balancing every aspect of her life.

“Honestly, it’s a challenge. I am not going to sit down and say it’s easy; it’s not by the least because of school on its own, and I am the type of person that wants the best for themselves so, I am not going to give any part of my life like a half-hearted kind of effort, trying to be able to split myself between three different things, but you know, I try to make a balance and do the best that I can,” she added.

“I don’t want to give up one or do one more than the other so you cannot pick and choose. You have to make very wise decisions and sometimes sacrifices have to be made on which one you really want to dive deep into

The 2017 Carifta Games competitor said at times it just comes down to making the tough decisions, but reiterated that she still wants to proceed with her athletic career.

Soleyn revealed that she will now be working towards attaining two other aviation licences as it is her dream to one day fly commercially. These licences, she said, should be obtained in October of this year.

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