I had a bit of a mental breakdown: Tyson opens up about having to pull out of World Championships

Kite-boarder Tiger Tyson (left) with hand in sling, takes in a bit of World Championships in Italy.
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By Neto Baptiste

Kite-boarder Tiger Tyson said he suffered from a “bit of a mental breakdown” after realizing he would not be able to compete at the ongoing Formula Kite World Championships in Italy.

Speaking for the first time since a collision during a test run on the water landed him in the hospital on Monday, Tyson said had it not been for his support system, he would not have gotten past the disappointment.

“Luckily, I am surrounded by a lot of people who have given me a lot of support mentally and physically so it’s been helping a lot. The first day after it happened I had a bit of a mental breakdown I guess because I just couldn’t quite believe it that I wouldn’t be able to go kiting and that I would miss the worlds. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it because it just felt unreal,” he said.

Tyson had just participated in the Kite-foil World Series Open held in Cagliari, Italy last weekend where he finished 11th from amongst 44 individual competitors.

Recounting the incident, the athlete said he tried taking evasive action after realising that the competitor just ahead of him started experiencing difficulties and had been pulled from his board. Unfortunately, the Antigua said he could not divert in time and crashed into the other athlete. 

“Luckily nothing is broken like, no bones are broken, which helps a lot for recovery time. I know I will be in pain for almost two weeks and hopefully by then I would be able to start getting it strong again with a physio. It’s just the ligament so I am really hoping I would just be a few weeks and then it would be just getting strong again,” he said. 

Tyson said he could be out of action for at least two months while he recuperates.

In late August, Tyson bagged a bronze medal finish in the French National Kite Foiling Championships. He then competed in the European Championship in Poland where he finished 23rd from amongst 150 competitors.

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