Hurst says white march pointless, UPP irrelevant

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Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office Lionel “Max” Hurst says the United Progressive Party’s upcoming ‘white march’ is a march for relevance.
The event is planned for Thursday and UPP officials have been attacking the government on a range of issues including scandals within the police force and the latest corruption allegations against MP Asot Michael.
Hurst spoke to our newsroom this morning (Tuesday) and says he does not envision that many will turn out, especially given that the party’s loss at the polls was only a few months ago.

But the UPP leader Harold Lovell says he believes that many people are dissatisfied with how the government has reacted to scandals.
He has criticized the reaction of the police and the Integrity Commission saying that the institutions that are supposed to investigate corruption are unresponsive.

Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office Lionel “Max” Hurst.

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