Hundreds show interest in Election Day work

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More than 300 people have responded thus far to a call from the country’s Electoral Commission (ABEC) for temporary workers to assist with the upcoming general election.

The call was made last month in preparation for the election – for which no date has yet been announced – and it will see positions like poll clerks, presiding officers and information clerks being filled.

The position of residing officer was previously advertised but, according to Graham, with around 25 applications submitted to date, no more are currently being taken.

Selections for the latter position will commence momentarily.

ABEC’s Public Relations Officer Elisa Graham spoke on the process on Wednesday morning on the Observer AM show.

Graham explained that applicants don’t need to have any specific qualifications but there are a few prerequisites.

They include being 18 or over and a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.

“There is no particular qualification per se except for the regular mathematics and English and that sort of thing. You don’t necessarily have to have any prior experience to working in the process.

“We do have a lot of persons who are still in [Antigua] State College that are applying as well…we have persons with doctorates applying. I mean, it’s a wide variety of people,” she explained.

She cautioned that although someone may have worked in a specific role during previous elections, that does not mean they will secure that position again.

“Not necessarily because you applied for a presiding officer position means that you will get that position. We do have some persons who will say, you know what, I have worked at an election before so they think they are guaranteed.

“We do have a training process and that process determines at the end whether or not after you have passed your assessment that you can really handle the position.

“As much as possible, we want professionals; persons who can handle the pressure because at election time all sorts of things happen and we want to ensure that everyone is solid because they will be representing the Antigua Barbuda Electoral Commission,” she explained.

Forms can be collected from the ABEC office on Queen Elizabeth Highway or via the website

They can either be dropped off at the headquarters or emailed to [email protected].

Forms can also be left with security staff at the gate if the office is closed.

Graham is also encouraging voters who have applied for voters’ ID cards to come and collect them as there are over 100 cards up at the ABEC office ready for collection.

She also advised persons who may need a transfer and may have lost their cards to begin the process of acquiring a card or completing the transfer as it will take some time to be completed.

The next general election is constitutionally due in March next year.

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