Human trafficking message in church

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The Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Committee’s Education Task Force and Secretariat is taking its outreach into the Christian community.
The organisation’s task force recently made a presentation at a Sunday morning worship at the Beacon Light Church of the Nazarene Family Worship Centre.
The presentation was made possible after church member Paula Lee reached out to the Education Task Force after hosting a member on the Paula Lee Show last September during the annual Week of Awareness Activities held by the Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Committee.
Committee member and head of the Education Task Force Emil Michael delivered the presentation with support from Alverna Inniss.
Pastor George Delpesche of the chuch, located at Amy Byers Street, Villa Area said the presentation fitted right into a new initiative at the church that went beyond just sermons every Sunday.
He acknowledged that the church has a mixed congregation – made up of persons from different backgrounds and nationalities – so there was a need to deal with issues facing the congregation.
“I am happy they came and I really appreciated them coming to share with us,” Pastor Delpesche said, adding that the presentation was “on point” and that the congregation was very receptive.
Other churches, organisations, schools and groups are encouraged to contact the Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Secretariat at telephone number 562-7089 to book similar presentations.
Presentations can be tailored to be from 15 minutes to an hour. Training workshops are also hosted throughout the year.

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