Housing Minister says Booby Alley will be a ‘rent-to-own’ project

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By Robert A Emmanuel

[email protected]

“What is going to commence this year will be the construction of the social housing project at Booby Alley on a rent-to-own basis,” disclosed Minister of Housing, Lands, Public Works and Urban Renewal, Maria Browne.

Speaking in Parliament last week, Browne said that this rent-to-own initiative for the social housing scheme has been in existence for over four years, and dismissed any claims made by the United Progressive Party (UPP) that it was a recent enterprise.

The idea of rent-to-own was raised by the UPP during the recent general election campaign which the Prime Minister criticised as unfeasible and said “comes with a lot of danger”.

Minister Browne also revealed a number of other housing projects to be instituted this year, including in Bolans and Barbuda.

She said the government was planning the next steps in “the future of housing in the country”.

“We note that Crown land is scarce on our island, and we note that we must have proper synergies with the Ministry of Agriculture to protect agricultural land, and so it is time that we focus on townhouse-styled homes,” she revealed.

Townhouses are subtypes of a single-family home that share at least one wall with another home.

She added that these homes would be “cheaper” and that maintenance would be more affordable for citizens, indicating that the government plans to introduce these homes in Tomlinson’s and Five Islands.

“Now is the time for us to make use of our air space as our land space is running short, and we are aware of it and addressing it,” she explained.

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