‘Housing for Youth’ available, ‘Land for Youth’ revived

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By Latrishka Thomas

In a further effort to ensure that the youth of Antigua and Barbuda are not left behind where home ownership is concerned, the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Urban Renewal has developed a housing program for young adults through the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHAPA).

During a tour of the National Housing development in Paynters on Friday, Minister of Housing, Lands and Urban Renewal Maria Browne, revealed that for a low cost of $160,000 to $180,000, youth will be able to obtain their own homes.

“We noticed that the last land for youth initiative under our previous Antigua Labour Party administration, there were some issues in terms of individuals approaching the banks thereafter to build homes; they came upon some struggles and so we still see the vacant lands today.

“So, what we sat down and we decided as a Cabinet was to offer individuals ages 18 to 35 ‘Housing for Youth’. So now you are able to get a house and if you are between the age of 18 to 35, at a low cost. And we are doing this through the Central Housing and Planning Authority,” Browne said.

This project which is presently located in Lightfoot features two- or three-bedroom houses on quarter-acre lots.

According to the minister, though the houses are slightly smaller than those of the National Housing Project they have similar features in terms of climate resilience, like solar panels.

She said, however, that the houses can be extended.

In addition, Browne also said that the Ministry of Lands is also bringing back the ‘Land for Youth’ initiative.

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