Hotel workers laid off as UK suspends flights

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By Elesha George

[email protected]

Nearly 200 workers employed at the Carlisle Bay Resort have been laid off temporarily, just under a month after the hotel reopened on September 24, 2020.

Hopeful that the travel industry may have picked up during the winter season, the resort implemented reduced hours for staff members in September to keep them employed until normal levels of trading returned.

However, on the weekend, insiders told Observer that the entire staff compliment – with the exception of supervisors and managers – have been laid off for three weeks beginning today Monday, November 23rd and will last until December 7, 2020.

In a letter dated November 20, the resort said the decision was “due to the massive downturn in business.”

The resort’s General Manager, Taroon Missry said the layoffs could not be avoided.

“Our measures have fallen short and we are forced to look at temporarily laying off some of our staff members,” he said in a letter to the affected employees.

To try to lessen the financial impact, the resort is offering to provide all staff members with food care packages every Friday.

Missry said the resort regretted having to make the decision, however it is “beyond its control.”

Carlisle Bay Resort is largely dependent on UK visitors, and like many other hotels across the island, was anticipating an increase in visitor arrivals with the expected return of British Airways in November.

However, earlier this month, the UK government announced a month-long lockdown of England, causing flight cancellations by British Airways. As part of lockdown measures, Britain introduced a travel ban that prevents non-essential travel abroad.

Carlisle Bay Resort workers told Observer that it has been difficult to keep up with paying their debts, utilities while still taking care of their families.

The food packages they described are “God-sent “but said it is the only assistance most have received from the resort since the pandemic forced the business to close in March.

In instances where both parents or spouses work at hotels, the daily grind has been unbearable.

The resort closed on March 30, after the government implemented a nation-wide lockdown to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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