Hotel employee fined 10K for cannabis

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Theon Lincoln, a cost controller at Royalton Resort, owes the state $10,000 after being found with 430 grams of cannabis at his home.

The drugs were found when police executed a search warrant at his Bendals home on September 8.

Officers found a vacuum-sealed transparent bag that contained a green plant-like material that appeared to be cannabis.

It was wrapped in a sheet in Lincoln’s bedroom.

The drugs were analysed and weighed in his presence and it was concluded that the defendant was in possession of $4300 worth of weed.

He was charged and brought to court yesterday, where he admitted to the crime.

His lawyer Wendel Robinson said that his client used the cannabis for personal reasons.

More specifically, that he had a nerve problem for which the drug provided relief from pain.

The 31-year-old was fined $10,000 which he has to pay before the end of the year or face 18 months of imprisonment.

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