Hotel employee accused of robbing her workplace

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Exactly one week ago Kathy-Ann Isaac appeared to be a traumatised robbery and kidnapping victim, but investigations have since pointed to her and she’s now behind bars, accused of the aggravated robbery at Carlisle Bay Hotel.
The 33-year-old Urlings woman, who has worked at the hotel for about a decade, was slapped with the single charge yesterday but it was yet to be filed at the court up to press time, hence she did not appear before a magistrate.
Police sources said she was being held at the St. John’s Police Station last evening and will face the court on Monday.
A co-worker said Isaac, an accounts clerk at Carlisle Bay, is responsible for writing cheques issued to local business owners that conduct business with the hotel.
The hotel worker is said to be a friend of Anthony “Thug Life” Govia who has not been seen since the incident and who is also wanted by police for the same robbery of the Old Road property.
The police have described the 31 year old Freeman’s Village man as armed and dangerous therefore they are urging residents to immediately report anything they know about the incident.
Anyone with information is urged to contact the Rapid Response Unit at 764-2348 or 464-3938 or to call 911. 
An appeal has also been made for him to surrender himself at any police station with his attorney or any family member.
It was about 12:40 p.m. on June 30 when the hotel was targeted by a lone gunman who was seen on camera, grabbing bags of money packed by the two workers who were also on camera the entire time they were emptying a safe.
The robber was dressed in a dark, long sleeve shirt with long pants and the individual’s face and head were covered with something that appeared to be white.
While the hotel has been silent since the incident, many residents have opined that the robbery appeared to have been “an inside job” because the robber apparently knew how to gain access to the accounts department, he knew where it was located and that money would have been there. 
He also avoided facing any of the cameras.
Video footage of the robbery began circulating on social media on Thursday.
Staff who spoke on condition of anonymity said the hotel does not usually hold large quantities of money there and that the sum which was stolen was put there just two days prior to the incident.
They said that it was tens of thousands of dollars that was for a June month-end event.
Some residents expressed shock yesterday when news broke about Isaac’s arrest.

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