Horsford Hill vendors protest lack of bathroom facilities

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Souvenir vendors who ply their trade at Horsford Hill  have decided to withold the monthly rental fees from their landlord, the National Parks Authority (NPA), to force the body to address critical concerns regarding their working environment.

The tenants, who sell locally made products to tourists at the outdoor market — situated between Liberta and Falmouth — said that for years they have requested bathroom facilities, equipped with running water, to be erected in the area but their demands seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

“Some of us, mostly females, have been operating here for over 20 years,” a vendor who did not wish to be named said. “We were under the shed and they built these sheds and started to charge us $125 per month to operate; however, we took the decision to stop paying rent because we don’t have no running water or bathroom to pee.”

Another woman that, “When we want to pee, or change a sanitary napkin, we have to hide behind a parked car or go behind that tree across the road and the owner for the land said he is going to shoot if we continue to trespass.”

Another vendor told OBSERVER media that the absence of bathrooms also affects the visitors who patronise their business.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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