Hope For Greater Revenue In 2017

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Comptroller of Customs Raju Boddu is hoping that 2017 will produce greater revenue, after the division recorded a drop in total revenue of about 23 million dollars in 2016.
Boddu blames the lost revenue on shipment issues experienced in December.

December volumes represent about 23 per cent of the total year, Boddu says.
And up until November, he says the port was doing well in collecting revenue from imports.
In 2015, the division was boasting a 20 million dollar increase in revenue from their original target and that figure covered the period January to October.
Boddu expects that similar increases can be made this year with the introduction of the new automated system -ASYCUDA World.

Boddu has also told OBSERVER that the government has made a commitment to compensate port workers for overtime worked by the first quarter of 2017.

In July last year government said that it had also paid about 300 workers from the Port Authority who were owed outstanding monies.

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