Honoring a National Hero – Sir Vere Cornwall Bird Foundation to be established

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Antigua and Barbuda is to establish a Foundation in recognition and appreciation of the life-long contribution and service of the late Father of the Nation and National Hero, Sir Vere Cornwall Bird Senior. I
n accordance with a decision made by the Cabinet some time ago, plans for the operational phase of the Foundation are reportedly now in full gear. This is according to a news release from Ivor Ford who is presently coordinating public relations for the Foundation.
The release highlighted that this will be the first-ever national project of its kind, and Ford stated that consultations are being done to ensure that the V.C. Bird Foundation is of the best standard.
Ford said one of the key tenets of the Foundation’s operations will be to ensure its independence and total transparency, and involve every segment of the society.
A key role of the Foundation will be to concentrate on the contributions and service of other identified native-born and acquired citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. Ford said the plan is to get as many people involved as possible.
He also added that the Foundation will not bear any political allegiance and will concentrate solely on the contributions made by the nation’s first Prime Minister.
“This Foundation will not be a political organization; it cannot be because it is to expose many of the good deeds that were not even known that Sir Vere and his team of nationals did,” Ford said.
It has also been revealed that the Foundation will be registered within the framework of the laws of Antigua and Barbuda that pertain to charities, and will be governed by its own Charter which will outline the legal framework of its operation.
The 20th Anniversary of the death of the late Father of the Nation will be observed on June, 28th, 2019. However, the date for the launch of this Foundation is yet to be determined.

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