‘Homesick’ for feting – and Antigua Soca star Ricardo Drue tells Observer media how Covid-19 has given him time to refocus, reflect and record new music

Cover art for Ricardo Drue’s single, ‘Homesick.’ (Photo by Lord Edit and graphic design by Kieron Chinee)
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By Latrishka Thomas

‘Home is where the heart is’ – an old adage which has all the more significance for Antiguans currently separated from the land – and work – they love due to the coronavirus.

And one Antiguan-born artist has put those feelings into a song dubbed ‘Homesick’ released earlier this month.

With lyrics like “when I’m not feting, I’m homesick” and “feting is my medicine”, soca star Ricardo Drue sums up what many have been experiencing since the Covid-19 pandemic brought most social activities to a screeching halt.

Drue, who is popular for hit songs such as ‘Vagabond’ and ‘ID’, said the song, which was actually written four years ago, “just felt right for what was going on right now”.

He told Observer that the lyrics symbolise the fact that “for many of us feters and artists and partygoers we are just longing to be back home, to be back in a space of comfort; the place where we love to enjoy ourselves and be free”.

Drue explained that the pandemic has given him time “to slow down and to reflect, to rebuild and to refocus”, giving him room to record more music and videos, and spend time with family.

The 34-year-old, who lives in Florida but is currently in Trinidad, encouraged fellow artistes to keep doing what they love.

“Inspiration can come from anywhere. It could come from a low moment, it could come from a high moment, it could come from a deep moment and I think with this pandemic and everything leading up, there is so many emotions that we can tap into as creatives to forth something that can be relatable to the listener, so I would say take what you’re feeling and turn it into something,” he urged.

The songwriter has also been motivating fans through an online series called Drue Stories which presently consists of an eight-episode season of his personal life.

He shared with Observer that, in addition to releasing a few projects in July, he will be working on a second season too.

Drue added that he is “preparing for when the seasons open up, when the festivals open up so we can be in a position to tour” because he believes that “this is not the end of it – it will get better.”

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