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A 40-year-old man of no fixed place of abode is now receiving shelter from the elements after he was sentenced yesterday to six months in prison.
Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh handed down the sentence to Claude Joseph in the St. John’s Magistrate’s Court after the accused pleaded guilty to breaking into Brownie’s bakery outlet at Friars Hill and stealing a quantity of non-alcoholic beverages.
The items, valued over $500, were stolen  on Monday.
Described by prosecutors as a “career thief,” Joseph, who is well-known to the Court, was charged on Tuesday.
Police spotted him in Gambles with two bags over his shoulder. The bags were searched and the lawmen recovered and seized the items. He was taken into custody and charged.
Joseph had been further accused of stealing 17 cans of Vienna sausages valued at $48, twelve packs of Shirley Biscuits valued at $22, a bottle of dish washing liquid, and $138 in cash from the bakery.
He was also charged with receiving the said stolen items.

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