FLASHBACK: Hollywood style chase through back alleys of St. John's

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Police and by-standers chased after a young man after he had snatched the purse out of the hand of a visitor to the island. 
The young man, identified as Dalmain Anthony of Cedar Grove, attracted the attention of by-standers, when the young lady screamed as he snatched her purse. Constable Ralph, who was on duty in the area at the time took off in hot pursuit after the thief. Bystanders shouted out “grab him, grab him…” and quickly joined in the pursuit of the thief.
Witnesses to the event said that the thief jumped an eight foot wall and then locked himself up in an abandoned building in Dews Lumberyard. Constable Ralph sought assistance from the St. John’s Police Station and was joined by Constables Bentick and Cumberbatch in the search for the illusive thief.
However, when they arrived at the abandoned building, the three constables were greeted by a shower of stones, which were pelted at them by the thief.
After some time they were able to contain the young thief and took him into custody at the St. John’s Police Station for questioning. The tourist’s hand bag has not yet been found.
Anthony had recently served 14 days in prison for stealing a bottle of Sunquik. He had appeared before Chief Magistrate Ducille at the Magistrate Court in St. John’s.

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