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  • Luxury Antiguan Resort Provides Critical Aid to St. Vincent Volcano Victims

Tuesday, the owners of Hodges Bay Resort & Spa (“Hodges Bay”) responded to the disaster unfolding on the neighboring Caribbean island of St. Vincent. Hodges Bay donated its private plane to Global Empowerment Mission (“GEM”) so that it could provide water and other critical supplies to the residents of St. Vincent which has been rocked by a series of volcanic eruptions which began on April 9th and has gotten progressively worse.

“Working alongside the team members of GEM, it was heartbreaking to see the desperation of those forced to evacuate the red and orange zones. Most of the water systems in St. Vincent rely upon gravity fed water systems running down from the mountains and of course with the incredible amount of volcanic ash falling, they had to be turned off, ” said Hodges Bay co-owner Christopher Harding. He continued, “Sadly, most of the world is unaware of the dire circumstances St. Vincent is facing but it was important for Hodges Bay and the island of Antigua to help their fellow inlanders.”

Michael Capponi, GEM founder, adds “We’re so grateful for the support of Hodges Bay. They have really stepped up and helped their island neighbors of St Vincent. From supporting logistics, flights, team support and funding we were able to do so much more than we could have if we didn’t have the support of Hodges Bay.”

For more information on how you can support GEM and the residents of St. Vincent please visit

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