High Court trial for man charged with robbing another of cash and a beer

Carson Matthew Jnr (File photo)
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A Fort Road resident charged with robbing a man while armed with a knife will have to face a judge in the High Court’s May assizes.

Twenty-four-year-old Carson Matthew Jnr allegedly stole $300 and a beer from a man while wielding a knife on January 3 this year.

Yesterday, the prosecution submitted three pieces of evidence in the St John’s Magistrate’s Court which will form part of their case should the matter go to trial sometime after May.

Until then, Matthew is being held behind bars.

On January 5, Matthew, who was wanted for breaking and entering, was subsequently found and apprehended.

However, on January 8, he escaped custody by forcing his way between two men who were being taken from a shared cell, and fled through the Church Street gate of St John’s Police Station.

He was recaptured a day later and slapped with a few more charges.

He was charged for allegedly breaking into the dwelling house of a female Villa resident on January 1 2021, with the intent to commit a felony.

He is also accused of robbing a male resident of Gambles of $75 on Hilda Davis Drive, and attempting to break into a dwelling house on Bishopsgate Street. Both of those incidents reportedly occurred on Christmas Eve last year.

Matthew was initially wanted for allegedly breaking into a dwelling house on upper St George’s Street on December 30 2020, and stealing a mobile handset, money and jewellery, to which he pleaded not guilty and was set to stand trial in the magistrate’s court.

He admitted to escaping custody and was jailed for three months.

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