High Court hearing for Cassada Gardens man who allegedly forged driver’s licence

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A 22-year-old man is facing forgery charges for allegedly tampering with an Antigua and Barbuda driver’s licence and using it to rent a vehicle.

Kenroy Carridice reportedly rented a motor vehicle from Down West Car rental in September 2020, under a friend’s name.

He is said to have taken the licence of his close friend, without his knowledge, and placed his photo on it.

Carridice then asked the rental company to deliver a vehicle to the Antigua Commercial Bank where he reportedly met the company’s employee, signed the rental agreement under the fake name, and paid the $120 fee.

The friend is said to have noticed that his licence was missing the next day, searched everywhere and even asked Carridice if he knew where it was.

When he searched again in the afternoon, he is said to have found it under his car seat.

Police officers visited the friend and informed him that his licence had been used to rent a vehicle and therefore asked him to hand over the ID.

It appeared that the rental vehicle was seen in the vicinity of a house where a woman is said to have stolen a $4,000 television from her aunt’s home.

The neighbour reportedly indicated to the complainant that he saw a white rental at the home and the matter was reported to the police

When the complainant and the police were heading to the home of the alleged thief, they spotted Carridice driving the rental and signalled for him to stop.

When asked to present his driver’s licence he was said to have shown the police a picture via WhatsApp which, with close examination, revealed a different name but had a photo of him placed over it.

Yesterday, in the St John’s Magistrates’ Court, Carridice’s case was committed to the September assizes.

Several pieces of evidence were tendered that will be used if the matter goes to trial.

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