Help for Antigua’s Dogs

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Some dogs that have major illnesses and injuries, untreatable in Antigua and Barbuda, are flown to No Paw Left Behind, a Florida-based organisation aimed at improving the lives and conditions of dogs.
 The group’s founder, Jacquelyn Johnston, is in Antigua meeting with veterinarians to discuss providing the best services to address the needs of the dogs.
“What they’re doing is quite remarkable!” said Dogs and Cats of Antigua founder Joy Farrell, adding that, “A dog here could not have physical therapy because it’s just not available.”
Farrell explained that, “One kind of therapy done by No Paw Left Behind is hydrotherapy, with the dog in water learning to walk again because it’s easier when done in water.
The kind of dedication and effort they put into making sure the dog is completely healthy is something
that just doesn’t happen here.”
Various fundraising activities sponsored by both organisations cover all travel and treatment expenses, including an online effort at, where the need for financial assistance is described and donors make contributions.
So far, five dogs with various ailments, including broken bones, have traveled to No Paw Left Behind between October through December at a cost of U.S. $6,000.

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