Heavy rains leave APUA calculating cost to damaged mains

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Broken pipes and other damage to the network have significantly hampered the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA’s) ability to distribute water to residents in an efficient manner.
Wayne Martin, Superintendent of Maintenance and Distribution at APUA’s Water Business Unit, says several water mains were damaged during the recent heavy rains and technicians are now carrying out repairs in various areas.
“While trying to get the Delapps and Potworks system on line, we discovered five broken mains, these are 16 inch pipes, when we started to send water in the system we found that there was a break because the pressure dropped. So far, we have repaired five and up to this morning we had another break on the distribution side going down into Bendals,” Martin said.
He added that: “When the place was dry, the land cracked. Now that we put water in the line and the soil is moist, it becomes heavy, causing the transmission line and the distribution line to break. We are working feverishly to get these mains repaired so that we can have water to consumers on a 24-hour basis.”
He was speaking to reporters yesterday during a media tour of Potworks Dam and the Bendals Water Treatment Plant.
On a much brighter note, residents on the island should begin to see improvements in the water-rationing schedule now that more water is available in water catchments.
According to Martin, once Potworks is up and running, people living in All Saints East, All Saints West, John Hughes, Radio Range, Herberts and areas within the immediate environs of St. John’s will have a steady supply of water.

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