Heavy rain may cause food shortage

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Residents are being told to brace for a possible shortage of certain agricultural produce later this year, as a result of the recent heavy rainfall.
Senior Extension Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Owalabi Elabanjo says while the rain is welcomed, it will pose a serious threat for farmers who have already planted some crops. 
According to him, farmers who have planted tomatoes, sweet peppers, sweet potato and many other crops will suffer the most because the soil will become water-logged..
 “This means, coming into December, January we may have some problem when it comes to food supply, So, a lot of people may have to replant, they have to wait for dryness before they can go back to preparing the land,” Elabanjo said.
Over the past few days, Antigua and Barbuda and the rest of the Leeward Islands, have been experiencing heavy rainfall. 
According to forecaster Lorne Salmon, showers and thunderstorms associated with this disturbance have changed little in organisation. However, environmental conditions are forecast to gradually become more conducive to allow for the potential development of a tropical or subtropical cyclone by the middle of the week.
However, locals are asked to continue to closely monitor the progress of the current weather system until it clears the area. So far, several homes, schools and roads in the country have been flooded due to the heavy rainfall.

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