Heavy duty vehicle crashes into house

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A family of three, including a 92-year-old woman, was forced to relocate last night after a truck carrying concrete mix smashed through the kitchen of their Potters home at approximately 3 p.m.
The accident occurred when the driver lost control as he allegedly encountered difficulty travelling on Scott’s Hill, known to be a very steep road.
Traffic police Kennard McBurnie confirmed that two of the three people were at home when the incident occurred.
He said the truck “ploughed” through the kitchen but it did not hit any of the two females who were present at the time.
A source on the scene said one of the occupants reported hearing a “rumbling” sound as the truck spun out of control before it tumbled into the house.
The source, who tried to get a relative to speak with OBSERVER media via phone, said the family did not want to comment “so early” since they were still very shaken and had a lot of work to do to prepare to relocate.
The police spent several hours on the scene investigating and declined to divulge the name of the driver who was questioned on the scene.
Meanwhile, it took more than four hours, after a decision was taken, to decide the best possible way to remove the truck so that the structure was not further damaged.
This is not the first time a truck carrying concrete mix or heavy material has tumbled down the hill.
Residents have often expressed concern about trucks being allowed to travel along that hill given the nature of the road and the number of accidents that have occurred there.
The accident resulted in electrical power outage in the area for a short while.

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