Heartbroken parents pay tribute to music-loving toddler Ethan who is ‘now singing with the angels’

The three-year-old was a fan of superheroes like Spiderman
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By Shermain Bique-Charles

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To many parents who have lost a child, hearing their baby’s name spoken can be a source of comfort. And for Casroy and Denniel Canoville, this is no different.

On Easter Monday, news of young Ethan Canoville’s death after falling into a cistern in Cassada Gardens the day before sent the nation into shock and empathy.

It took courage and strength for his devastated parents to speak out after the loss of their only son, but his mother Denniel wanted him to be remembered not just for the way he passed but for his special and unique qualities.

He may have been just three years old but Ethan’s love of music spoke volumes about his understanding and intellect, she said, even at such a tender age.

“’You Say’ by Lauren Daigle was his favourite song. He was full of energy. He was very smart and intelligent. Loves music, dancing and singing. He was always singing. He was gifted in that and he had great musical ability,” Denniel told Observer in an exclusive interview yesterday.

The three-year-old was a fan of superheroes like Spiderman

The distraught mother-of-three said she believes that her son is now singing in heaven with the angels, continuing that music was not his only talent.

“He loved football. He played it often with his two older siblings,” she said.

The toddler, according to his grief-stricken mother, was also very affectionate. She recalled that “he would wave and say hello to almost everyone he meets in public”.

“He was very affectionate, a charming young man. Friendly too. He was a strong little boy. He loved superheroes like Spiderman, Catboy of PJ Masks, and Watts of Action Pack,” she told Observer.

When Ethan was pulled out of the cistern on Easter Sunday, CPR was administered by EMS officials and family members. 

He reportedly had a faint pulse and was placed into the Intensive Care Unit at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.

Tragically, around 24 hours later, the child died after suffering several complications including infections and multiple seizures.

His heartbroken parents are remembering him as an “extraordinary little boy”. They say he is acutely missed, adding that “life is not the same without him”.

Ethan was the youngest of the couple’s children. They also have two daughters.

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  1. My condolences to the family especially the parents. May God wrap his loving comforting arms around you during this difficult time. Hold on to Jesus! Fly with the angels Baby Ethan 😇🙏


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