Health officials investigating two suspected cases of COVID-19

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The Ministry of Health has confirmed two that suspected cases of COVID-19 are currently being investigated.

The health department, through a release, stated that, “once the reports of the testing results are available, this information will be shared with the public”.

Meanwhile the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda noted that the isolation and quarantine units at the Margetson Ward are nearing completion.

Preparations are at an advanced stage, the release said, and are set to have testing for the COVID-19 virus being done locally with the assistance of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to allow for the swift diagnosis of potential cases.

PAHO representatives will be on the island on Monday, March 16. The team of technicians is expected to conduct meetings, site visits, training, and simulation exercises.

Meanwhile, health officials are reminding the general public to exercise proper hand hygiene and cough etiquette as well as to take general measures against becoming ill. Recommendations include adequate rest and hydration and the avoidance of sick persons.

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  1. Washing of hands has been taught to Antiguans and Barbudans since in elementary schools.Practicing good Hygiene has been first nature to Nationals.Why do we need anyone to tell us that.How many Chinese are there in Antigua.I tried looking for information and could not find a number.For as an example.There are about 320,000 legal Chinese living in Italy.There are also many Chinese living illegally in Italy.So you could see one of the reasons why the virus spread so quickly in Italy.Plus the Chinese are in Italy building things like in Antigua and the rest of the Caribbean.So the Italian Government cannot ask them to leave or cancelled flights from China coming to Italy.Because the Chinese have them by their scrotum.So far Antigua and Barbuda has been very lucky.However,luck has a way of running out.Just keeping on practicing good hygiene.Good Luck to all.

    • Are we really blaming the Chinese? Many have been here long before the virus started to spread. We should be worrying about new people arriving of any race. We should be worried we don’t have any test kits here or any training until the 16th. We should have setup isolation tents until the buildings can be renovated. Put them on the old Air Force base. Blaming anyone group of persons is just wrong and looking for a scapegoat. Finding someone to blame does not help the situation one bit. It’s just wrong and racist.


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