Health facilities near capacity as hospitalisations increase due to covid infections

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The public State of Emergency which is scheduled to end on September 30 is likely to be extended for the sixth time since March 2020.

Reflecting on the sharp rise in covid cases over the past two weeks, “It is almost an automatic requirement going forward”, Cabinet Spokesman, Minister Melford Nicholas told reporters moments ago.

“As it reaches the point of expiration, we will obviously have to get the Parliament’s consent to extend it, and of course the conditions that will prevail now and that we’re going into would indicate that that it is almost an automatic requirement going forward”, he said.

According to the latest Cabinet notes, there are presently 27 people hospitalized with the coronavirus.

Thirteen of the 17 beds at the Infectious Diseases Centre (IDC) are occupied, while 10 of 16 beds inside the covid ward of the Sir Lester Bird Mount St John’s Medical Centre are being used to treat people with severe covid symptoms.

“The SLBMJMC Covid Ward has 39 beds and 72% of them are occupied in the Covid ward”, the notes read.

Three minors ages 12 to 17 tested positive during the last two days and one child is presently being treated in the Emergency Room.

The number of active covid cases have also risen to 222.

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