Health Department says it closed down restaurant seen in viral video

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Health officials have confirmed that they took the necessary steps in penalizing the Chinese restaurant located on Lower Long Street for health code violations.

In a video taken on 7th November, 2019, a woman of Chinese descent can be seen using the water from the gutter that runs along the FU Chinese Restaurant to clean and rise her mop.

Witnesses videoing the incident claimed that the woman subsequently used the mop inside of the restaurant to clean the floors. When health officials arrived, however, the woman claimed that the mop was only used on the exterior of the food establishment.

After inspection, the restaurant was ordered to cease operations immediately and close its doors for three days.

“All the mops were seized,” explained Chief Health Inspector, Sharon Martin.

“We ordered them to purchase new mops and bleach and have them scrub and sanitize inside and outside of the establishment. And, they were ordered to disposed of the already prepared food they had on that day in question.”

Martin said that a stern warning was given to the proprietors of the restaurant and she told them that, “was not a common practice and acceptable practice in Antigua.”

The owners, the chief said, had agreed to not engage in such practices again.

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