Hatton youth charged for attack on cruise visitors

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The two men who allegedly robbed two tourists and stabbed one of them last Friday, have been charged.

The accused are 20-year-old Joel Richards and 19-year-old Anderson Garcia both of Hatton, and they’re jointly accused of aggravated robbery on French visitors Jacques Colbert and Christiane Marcelle Drouth.

The investigation into the matter has found that at about 11 a.m. on February 1, the couple who arrived in Antigua on the MSC cruise ship, was sightseeing nearby a tower in Hatton when they were attacked and robbed by two men.

The attackers allegedly wrestled a black leather handbag from the 62-year-old woman and stabbed her 70-year-old companion in the abdomen, close to his navel, before running off.

The bag which they took contained an umbrella, the woman’s cruise ship receipt, a note book, and an address book.

One of the perpetrators was wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and was described as dark in complexion and slimly built, averaging about six feet tall.

The other suspect was said to be light brown in complexion and was wearing a maroon shirt.

A resident who was in the area rushed to help the couple and called 911. The police responded and after waiting for an ambulance for some time, they transported the injured man to the hospital, where he was admitted and treated.

Although his injury was not life-threatening, the medical staff decided to keep Colbert overnight for observation.

Meanwhile, police investigators who combed the area after the incident, recovered the woman’s bag with all the items still inside.

In a separate incident, another cruise ship visitor who was robbed last week is counting his losses as lawmen have not recovered his belongings.

The victim is Michael Maycock, a UK national who arrived on cruise ship Brittania PNO on January 28.

He was sightseeing around midday at the St John’s Cathedral in the city when a man attacked him with a piece of wood. The man beat him with the object, pushed him to the ground and took away his wallet which contained US $100. He was also robbed of his debit cards and cruise ship card.

The robber, who escaped on foot, was dressed in a red T-shirt and described as “very tall in height, and dark in complexion”.

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