Harold Lovell to sue PM Gaston Browne and other parties for defamation

Leader of the United Progressive Party, Harold Lovell
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The following is a press release from Harold Lovell:

It is my immediate intention to initiate legal proceedings against Prime Minister Gaston Browne; the Chairman and Board of Directors of Pointe FM; and the host of the Browne & Browne Show with respect to the intentional
defamation of my name, character, and reputation that took place on Saturday, June 6, 2020.

I will also extend this action to include the online news portal known as 268 Today for publication of such defamation and failing to practice even the rudiments of responsible journalism.

The totally unfounded and scurrilous remarks made by the Prime Minister – even after being duly cautioned by the host – were intended to cause me personal and political injury.

But, even more significant, the Prime Minister’s defamatory statements have undermined the integrity of the justice system by bringing into question the professionalism of those who preside over the Courts.

All discerning persons have recognized the intention of the Prime Minister – i.e., to divert attention from his incompetence in managing the affairs of the Nation and the dire state of the country’s finances.

However, his outright lies and vulgar aspersions do nothing to improve the present circumstances, or the future, of our citizens and residents.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister’s low-minded, personal, and baseless attacks on those who point out his shortcomings must be addressed and answered in a court of law.

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