Hard Knaxx and that ‘Chicken’ song

St. John’s Antigua- When he’s on stage, he goes by the name Hard Knaxx. The 24 year old says it’s because of the tough times he experienced growing up in Antigua’s urban areas of The Point, Gray’s Hill and St Johnston’s Village. But that hasn’t taken away from his ability to extract humour and sing about it.

Last year, the artiste, whose real name is Joel Lewis, made it to the soca monarch jumpy finals with Knuckle Family. This year he’s repeated that success with Kentucky – a song which relays a story of a girl he met, who worked up an appetite during their intense jamming and all she wanted was food from the popular eatery.

Apparently, for Hard Knaxx, the songs don’t necessarily have to make sense, they just have to sound good as in the KFC song. Check the chorus: If you want a gyal, kyah she to Kentucky/ If you need a gyal tek she to Kentucky. Ah could a bok bok bok bok bokaaark Kentucky.

When asked about the logic of the lyrics, he admitted to OBSERVER Entertainment, “Well actually I don’t really intend to win a girl by taking her to KFC because I’ve been getting some feedback from some girls that it’s cheap and it’s degrading or something so I was just giving some guys an opinion of how to get a girl.”

His songs might be humourous, but Hard Knaxx performs them in a business-like manner with accompanying movements. And it helps that he has the support of his Juggle Fu Life Entertainment crew on stage, whose movements are in sync with each other. They include Set On, Lyrical Reds, and 22 – all college buddies who met up in the Electrical Engineering Department of the Antigua State College.

In fact this year’s soca monarch competition should be interesting for the group, as three out of the four of them (22 being the one excluded) will be competing against each other and they are normally each other’s live props. So will that be the case on the night of Bacchanal Saturday? Hard Knaxx answered in the affirmative.

“Yes, we will be,” he said, adding, “we have a lot of energy.”

Meantime, the artiste said he’s in talks with KFC re sponsorship for competition expenses, since the company has been getting free promotions as a result of his song.



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