Happy Kids recognises customer support following break-in; vouchers still being accepted

Elie Saoud, owner and manager of Happy Kids (Photo by Shermain Bique-Charles)
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Elie Saoud, the owner and Manager of Happy Kids is thanking his customers for their tremendous support, following a break-in at the uniform store last week.

Saoud said customers showed solidarity with him and continued to support the business.

He also said following news of the break-in, Cabinet assisted him by making payments towards the voucher programme.

“We used the payments, we paid the supplier, and we got more merchandise”, he told Observer.

Thieves stole school bags, school uniforms and uniform vouchers used in the government’s School Uniform Grant Programme (SUGP) from the already struggling business.

Saoud told Observer that he will not allow his customers, including those on the voucher programme to suffer because of the malicious act.

“We will continue with the programme, as long as we have the uniform, we are going to supply to everyone”, he insisted.

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