Happiness And Responsibility In The New Year

During the Christmas Season, we spoke of peace and we have already spoken of the measure of goodwill that ought to be extended to each other throughout the whole of this earth.

However, we would like to explore one of the other emotions that have regularly been expressed during the onset of the Christmas season.  It’s an emotion that ought to extend beyond Christmas and which, in fact, is usually expressed and sometimes felt at the beginning of the New Year.   It is the feeling of happiness.

Perhaps this state of our existence ought to be approached from its antithetical self –   sadness.    The concept of sadness evokes an aura of gloom and depression.

Gloom and depression are associated with night and darkness.   Night and gloom are associated with death.    Death is an indication of the end of life and a certain state of existence here on earth, but beyond death, there is the possibility of resurrection.  Resurrection brings to mind the reality of a new state of existence — the ideal concept of creation; creation of a new entity.

This is why this season has a double meaning.  It is not only the birth of the Babe in a manger, with all of its implications, but following on that, the birth of a New Year.

We would like therefore, during this New Year, to concentrate on the implications of the word “New.”   New means the abandonment and burial of every aspect of that which is old or used.   The emergence of an entity that has no history,  no track record;  an entity that exists and which has the opportunity to mould itself and shape itself and have a character of its own.   Was it Omar Khyam or Khallil Gibran who said, “Ah love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire to grasp the sorry scheme of things entire?  Could we not shatter it to bits and then remould it to our hearts’ desire?”

This is the possibility that the New Year offers — of doing our own thing in our own way.  Of planting the imprint of our own footsteps and our own personality on a clean, unsullied, pristine surface that is of our very own.  And in the same mode of thinking we would crave your indulgence to extend our mental excursion to a facial expression that we call a smile — an outward indication of inner goodwill and inner peace.

The psychologists and/or the physiologists tell us that it takes more of an effort to frown and to carry a long face than to smile.    This outward manifestation that we describe as a smile, they say, uses less facial muscles and leaves the face with a pleasing aspect that attracts rather than repels.

A frown repels and leaves the face with a sharp, permanent aspect that has been described as a scowl.   This does not attract or draw others to us and does not generate love.    It is the alternative to this state of existence that we call happiness.

So, dear reader, may we invite you to enter into the realms of happiness, to exude an aura of happiness where all negativity and all that is old has been transformed into a new you.

Happy New Year!   May you carry this wish and all that it connotes –  peace, goodwill, inner contentment and satisfaction –  with you throughout the whole of this New Year 2010.

May love and prosperity dog your footsteps throughout the year and may you have joy, and, in writing on a new leaf in the Book of Life, may you have success.

It was President Kennedy who said, “Ask not, what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”   We would like to suggest that, along with the concept of happiness that the New Year brings, a conviction of what our responsibilities do naturally foist upon us becomes paramount.   Happiness? Yes!  Responsibilities too!  If we want to maintain the euphoria of happiness, we have to set certain things in place.

So, what can we do for our country and ourselves?   We should have started to build the foundations for positive personal success for ourselves a long time ago, and having established a culture of positive developmental behaviour, sustain what we have begun by mixing it with the spirit of happiness and resolve to reach and maintain positive personal and economic goals during 2010!   Happy New Year!