‘Hangover prevention patch’ available in Antigua

The skin patch is said to deliver vitamin B1 into the body
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

There’s a simple way to prevent a hangover after a night of fun, and it can now be purchased in Antigua and Barbuda.

All you have to do is slap it, pat it and enjoy!

‘Fete Patch’ is a patented transdermal patch which delivers vitamin B1 directly into the wearer through absorption.

Local distributor for the hangover remedy, Joely Hall, told Observer that it is similar to a nicotine patch.

“It looks like a band-aid that you put on your skin, and it has medicine or vitamins and so on, and through the transdermal system, it goes into your pores and into your blood stream,” she said.

She explained that the patch contains thiamine – or vitamin B1 – “which is a vitamin that helps our bodies process alcohol. It also gives us extra energy.”

“Thiamine we get through food … and it’s usually in our gut, but if you have alcohol in your stomach, ethanol stops the absorption of thiamine through your gut, so essentially it slows your body’s ability to process that alcohol through it, and by wearing a Fete Patch it goes into your blood stream,” she continued.

Hall explained that the patch must be placed on clean, dry skin at least 30 minutes before drinking.  

You simply, “wear the patch, you go out with your friends and you wake up and you don’t have a hangover,” she said.

“No one has to know you have it on. Place it anywhere on your body, but when close to where your veins are, it has a better effect.”

Hall however noted that the patch will not prevent tiredness after a long night out.

“Yes, you may still feel physically tired because you’ve been dancing in high heels or whatever. But that real ill feeling of a hangover you don’t have when you wear Fete Patch,” she added.

One patch is suitable for persons weighing 150lbs or less, while two or more patches is ideal for those over 150lbs.

Though the patch is on island, it is not yet in stores. It can be purchased from the local distributor by calling 720-5282. A pack of two costs $20 while a pack of eight is $75.

Similar skin patches are in circulation in other parts of the world and typically help alleviate hangover symptoms by replenishing essential vitamins lost when one consumes alcohol.

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