Handyman clings to life after scuffle with friend

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The relatives of Glenmore “Natty” Hughes were in tears most of yesterday as they said they are “bracing for the worse” after doctors told them they could do no more to save their loved one’s life due to the seriousness of his head injury.
The 47-year-old resident of Sea View Farm had an altercation with a family friend who slapped him, causing him to fall and hit his head on the asphalt road late Friday.
Hughes’ sister, Yvonne Hughes, told OBSERVER media that her brother’s condition is critical and although he is on life support, some parts of his body have been totally unresponsive and there’s no brain activity.
“The doctors have said they can do nothing and it is just a matter of time. This is a really unfortunate situation because they live near each other and we are all close,” she reported.
The man who allegedly committed the act surrendered to police yesterday morning after news broke on OBSERVER Radio that he was wanted for questioning. Lawmen said he was accompanied by a friend when he turned himself in to Police Headquarters.
Witnesses said the injured Hughes was standing in the roadway when a vehicle drove up slowly. A friend reportedly told him to move to allow the vehicle to pass. But while he was moving, the side of the vehicle brushed up on him and the drinks he had in his hands spilled onto the driver.
Residents said they never expected the situation to escalate the way it did, because when the driver got out of the vehicle, Hughes greeted him since they were friends.
However, they said the man slapped Hughes and he fell in the roadway.
The injured man’s sister said, “Some neighbours picked him up, took him to my dad’s place and took him inside. He put up his hands in the air and he was trying to talk but no sound came out. They called the ambulance and police [who] went to look for the guy.”
She said her brother, who has one child, was a well-known handyman in the village and he helps to care for their father who is a centenarian.

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