Halo youth cleanup project gets under way

The youth team of the Halo Foundation’s Generation Y completed the first of a series of clean-up exercises along a section of the Crabb’s Highway last weekend. (Photo courtesy Halo Foundation)
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The Halo Foundation’s Generation Y (youth team) commenced the first in a number of cleanup efforts  in public areas on Saturday.

The Crabb’s Highway was the initial site which was given attention, and for several hours a group of  young, committed volunteers cleared the area of debris.

“We selected this area because it is not often considered for a cleanup, and it is also heavily cluttered with garbage, President of Halo Generation Y, Brent Scotland said.

“The natural tendency is for groups to gravitate towards beaches and high profile public venues and routes. The entire country should have a chance to be labelled ‘a little bit of paradise’, pristine and free from carelessly discarded waste.”

Meanwhile, the President and Founder of the Halo Foundation, Sandra Lady Williams said that it was good to see young people not only talking or tweeting about environmental issues, but turning out at 5:30 am to give service to their country and spruce up the surroundings.  

“We applaud the various volunteer groups that are consistently involved in clean-up efforts. In general, however, we need to become more conscious of the state of our environment and ensure that we do not engage in the act of littering,” Lady Williams said.

PRO of the Halo Foundation, Cuthbert Forbes Jr, expressed appreciation for the assistance and co-operation of  the Chief Health Inspector and National Solid Waste Management Authority, who helped to make the exercise a successful one.  

“We also appreciate the donation of Paradiso Water, who drove past and decided to provide complimentary bottles of water on the spot,” he said. 

The Chief Operations Officer of Generation Y, Michael Joseph, as well as other group members and friends were also present for the exercise.  

The next cleanup exercise will take place in two weeks, in a location to be determined.

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