Halo Foundation weighs in on expulsion of bullies

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By Latrishka Thomas

Following the recent expulsion of two male secondary school students for committing the act of bullying one of their schoolmates – which was caught on video — residents been divided into those who are for and those against the expulsions, particularly that of the student who recorded the video.

The Halo Foundation, which has been a major protagonist in anti-bullying campaigns in the twin island, is conflicted with regard to the decision taken by the Ministry of Education.

“You know, it’s a bit emotional because on one hand you don’t want people living in fear when they get up each day. Young people spend most of their hours at school, so you don’t want to live in fear being at school where you should be learning and, at the same time, you don’t want persons to be denied of a right to their education,” the Public Relations Officer of the Halo Foundation, Cuthbert Forbes said.

“So, as much as we support the Ministry’s decision of having a strong and firm hand on the matter and having a zero tolerance policy, we have to look at ways in which we can also find amicable solutions so that these persons have the opportunity to be rehabilitated, be sensitised and have the opportunity to change; so there are many levels to the issue for us.”

The Halo Foundation launched its bullying prevention campaign at the Ottos Comprehensive School in October 2018. The non-profit organisation also piloted the initiative at the Antigua Grammar School and the Pares Secondary School.

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