HAITI-MEDIA-Minister accuses journalists of being spokesmen for criminals

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The newly appointed Justice and Public security Minister, Jean Roudy Aly, has accused media houses and journalists of being the spokespeople for criminal.

In a letter sent to the National Association of Haitian Media (ANMH), the Association of Independent Media of Haiti (AMIH) and the Federation of Haitian Press, Aly said he was seeking their assistance in dealing with the situation.

Aly haiti
Jean Roudy Aly

Aly said that these criminals appear in the media almost on a daily basis despite being wanted by the police and other law enforcement agencies.

“What is worse, these bandits admit their crimes, while terrorizing the population, take the malicious pleasure to make threats in the press to the police. In doing so, consciously or unconsciously, these media professionals are complicit in these faithless and lawless individuals who sow grief among Haitian families,” he added.

But ANMH president, Frantz Duval, said he hopes the allegation is only “an excess of language on the part of the Minister” and is waiting to officially receive the letter before make an official statement.

AMIH president, Georges Venel Remarais, has also said he is awaiting the letter before making an statement. But he believes that the minister has been tooquick with his allegations indicating that only a small part of the media broadcast are engaged in broadcasting the views of criminals.

Former minister of communications and President of the Federation of Haitian press, Ady Jean Gardy, denounced the statement by Aly insisting that the journalist were doing their work and allowing the population to hear the public confession of the criminals.

But nevertheless, he called on journalists to avoid being complacent and to be cautious when carrying out their functions.

The Government Commissioners at the Courts of First Instance said they have since been instructed to investigate the allegations made by the minister

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